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Solve the crusher pollution problems in the production line

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Processing of stone or mining resources, will produce a lot of dust, pollution of the environment is quite large, is also a great harm to human health, so the user must solve Fortunately, stone production line, produce a lot of dust effective processing.


Crusher is mainly all kinds of stone crushing operations, depending on the crushing principle and particle size, is divided into many models. The crusher is widely used in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other sectors.


Commonly used crusher jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, ring hammer crusher, hammer crusher, roll crusher, compound crusher, cone crusher, two-stage crusher, gyratory crusher, mobile crusher.


We can see from the following aspects to solve the crusher pollution of the environment and workers' health hazards in the production line.


1, at the corner of the belt conveyor dust by the site conditions, the chute and dust cover cannot be changed, the layout of dust collected in the form of dust cover in a slight negative pressure to eliminate the dust of the belt conveyor.


2, to strengthen the management of dust removal equipment, periodically check the dust cover closed, identify problems in time. Job environment and bughouse dust emissions from the implementation of management by objective assessment, regular dust monitoring, and the use of economic levers to mobilize staff positions enthusiasm for work, and improve the level of dust removal equipment maintenance, to minimize dust pollution.


3, improved the bughouse process layout, arranged by the direction of the belt conveyor crusher dust; transformation of the bag house hopper Standard dual hopper structure, cancel a screw conveyor, raise the bag house, is conducive to the inlet pipe arrangement (the duct angle); air inlet set into the bellows, the crusher discharge port of dust directly into the precipitator inlet air box, saving elbow. Reducing the resistance of the system, and improve the collection efficiency. The hopper lock wind monolayer flap valve, the abolition of sub-grid wheel feeder motor to reduce secondary dust, improve the effect of dust.


Crusher on the degree of contamination in the production line is relatively reduced through improved, in addition to the usual maintenance and cleaning of the device is also very important.

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