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The crusher equipment installation location influencing factors

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Many investors are choosing crushing industry, also need to consider the purchase of equipment needed venue. The following real sand and gravel crushing the scene to do a brief introduction of the use of the equipment.

The use of on-site crushing equipment often noise will be relatively large; the election will be relatively remote site. The ideal venue is a gentle slope, on the one hand to meet the demand for equipment installation gap gentle slope on the other hand is relatively flat, and the needs of the gravel storage site preparation can save manpower and resources.

According to the combination of features of the crusher and ancillary equipment, pay attention to the following points:

1. Site wide and transportation convenience. Crushing site needs a large area of ​​stacking space, whether it is gravel or coal, after screening are required by the transportation equipment separately from each other, and need the area to be judged according to the respective equipment production and sales capabilities. The production of a large amount of sales faster can be the right amount of control over the size of the venue.


2. Electricity and other infrastructure. Crushing equipment power motor, and broken often more remote site, so a variety of facilities need to re-prepare, especially power is critical, stable and within easy reach of the power source is directly related to the stable production and a stable income. To try to set up all kinds of facilities locally drawn to maximize the cost savings


3. Site slope and flatness. Supporting crushing equipment, expect to be broken and then sieving conveyor, often require multi-stage processing, and various types of equipment has a relatively high degree, rational allocation on the need to drop, but considering the need for large transport, venue The traffic is also very critical, so that the most ideal venue broken the gentle slopes, not only can easily meet the convergence of various types of equipment drop, you can easily solve the transportation problem. Flat areas is also possible, but may need some of the equipment put underground, but also part of the equipment needs to be boosted, in the middle need to add part of the transport.


4. The water conditions. This is not necessary factors, but is also very important, sand and beneficiation still need to use water, it is best to have a small area of ​​the self-storage, it will be less restricted to the surrounding environment The impact is also smaller.


5. and other factors.


There is also a relatively large number of influencing factors, is only one must take into account the above points, is not absolute. Especially the on-site installation also requires a lot of cement foundation. The data indicators need to be very precise.

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