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JBS Machinery established energy saving team

Writer:kerrySource:Jinbaoshan Date:2012-12-28 09:57
The national "12th Five-Year Plan will be urban construction and energy saving and emission reduction as the top priority of the two go hand in hand. The response to that call, Shandong Jinbaoshan Machinery Co., Ltd., established energy saving group held its first meeting.         The meeting was presided over by Technology Minister Zhou Xing fiscal, Liu Zheng, a member of Chen Xindong, trade union chairman, Ding Guiliang, British prosperity, the Paterson public Pei Wei attended the meeting.         Meeting on energy saving issues, each member published their own comments and suggestions, and made ​​a division of the priorities and responsibilities of the next step of the energy saving work, clear responsibilities and tasks of each member of the group. After the meeting members checked the factory, stagnation existing leisure items, take pictures of waste materials left at the end, and to make appropriate treatment.         The meeting laid a solid foundation for our factory in the production process, the implementation of energy saving. Energy consumption is not a person or energy-saving task group, but we all duties of everyone. All aspects of energy saving is reflected in the work life, so it is necessary that every one of our colleagues to be involved. A positive response to the company's policy, to contribute to the development of the company's own strength.

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