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JBS strengthening ego supervision, improving the dressing equipment quality

Writer:CindySource:Jinbaoshan Date:2014-1-4 15:27
In recent years, mineral processing equipment meets fierce competition, shandong JBS machinery ( ) grasp the developing trend of mineral processing equipment according to the following analysis trend . First , green energy saving trend. Since the early after the Copenhagen conference, the leaders at the summit has proposed commitment. There are now have the insider unveiled countries will take measures to excessive power consumption of crushing equipment manufacturing industry to take a more demanding environment protection control. So, the use of advanced technology of green crusher energy-saving will provide customer a better platform to choose factory. Second, equipment intelligent trend. Because the more scientific research institutions new thinking and the successful development of the new method, and all kinds of intelligent control theory in other industries of successful application, with the more advanced intelligent processing equipment has set up a file in the crushing machine factory price of chicken laboratory test. Believe in the near future, the new intelligent product will fill the mineral processing equipment of market. Third , production flow trend. Because of modern processing from nearly 40 years of experience , each big equipment manufacturers have begun to consider custom expert system, the whole production process for crusher different geographical environment customize the most reasonable solution. Forth, welding semi-automatic trend. The technology mainly in mineral processing equipment of high corrosive materials contact machine. Using the welding can reduce the application of oxygen, since it is a new type of welding agent, can make the equipment of durability by 50 to 75. Fifth , control simplistic trend. In recent years, all kinds of equipment for the convenience of vendors to quickly applied to production line, has gradually in integrated a key type control, even if manufacturers at that time have no a professional machine control personnel, can also through the simple control to achieve production. This is an expert on technology of enrichment. JBS people always take customers’ interest on the top position, and try it best to provide best quality products and super service to customer. We believe what we do and we believe your choice! We are ready for cooperating with you anytime. Looking more information, please go to

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