Leader's speech

Leader's speech

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Message from General Manager Fang Shikui on Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day
Leader's speech Dear colleagues:
  The autumn breeze is refreshing, the sweet osmanthus fragrant, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day are both coming. In this day of family reunion and nationwide celebration, I wish everyone a happy family reunion and a happy life.
Autumn is the harvest season. In the past few months, everyone has correctly faced the difficulties encountered by the company in reform and development, and has better balanced the relationship between work, life and study. Our goals are being achieved steadily. The loyal heart of the enterprise can be learned from the bright moon. It is also because of your shared joys and sorrows, with your understanding, support and active participation, that the company can steadily go to today. Here, on behalf of the factory leadership, I say "Thank you for your hard work."
  Jinbaoshan is in a critical period of reform, and everyone's efforts will become the cornerstone of Jinbaoshan's future glory. Entering the fourth quarter, at the stage of overcoming difficulties, the key to achieving the goal set at the beginning of the year depends on everyone. All departments, managers and employees at all levels must perform their duties earnestly, keep their responsibilities in mind, spare no effort to do a good job in every job, focus on production efficiency, focus on product quality, focus on service to promote sales, and do everything possible to complete each item. task.
  During the two festivals, all departments of the company, especially the two workshops, must attach great importance to safety in production. The more arduous the task, the more important it is to put safety in the first place. It is necessary to pay attention to the effective balance of quality, safety and progress to further improve the management level. Strengthen internal and external coordination, do a good job in the "three preventions" education and prevention of fire prevention, anti-theft, and prevention of safety accidents to ensure normal work order, so that our company's various tasks continue to maintain a good situation.
  Nung, moon and new moon. We Jinbaoshan people have a broad mind and more affectionate love. When the "two festivals" are coming, we will show our love for the motherland, love for Jinbaoshan, love for relatives, love for customers, and for everything. The love of all creatures and creatures is pinned on the high-quality products of Jinbaoshan, and it is sown on the land of China and thousands of waters and mountains!
  Finally, I wish you all a happy holiday, smooth work and good health.

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