Specific types Stone crusher

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Many different types of stone crusher, stone crushing production line are often used, complete production line and mineral sand production line stone, stone crushing production.

  Many different types of stone crusher, stone crushing production line are often used, complete production line and mineral sand production line stone, stone crushing production. After the development process above breaker presentation, the current breaker Heavy machinery industry has developed into a relatively large branch of industry, the benefits of working the heavy machinery crusher applications for the current situation and the stone industry in a variety of different quality characteristics, according to different Application of sums up the current industry crusher several major categories, including jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusherand a cone crusherand so on. 
  Jaw Crushers the world's largest crusher used in the stone crusher with crushing ratio, even granularity, simple structure, convenient maintenance, sub-coarse and fine broken two, is the amount of broken stone High compressive strength was 320Mpa. Widely used in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and other sectors. 
  Jaw Crusher is a motor driven by motor pulley, the belt and slot wheel drive the eccentric shaft, so that jaw predetermined trajectory for reciprocating motion, which will enter the fixed jaw plate, jaw plate and side protection activities plates The broken stone shall be broken cavity, and through the lower part of the nesting population will be finished stone discharge. The series of jaw crusher broken song moving way to squeeze type, motor-driven belt and pulley, through the eccentric shaft to move the jaw up and down, up when the movable jaw plate and movable jaw when the elbow angle between the larger, thus promoting the jaw close to the fixed jaw plate, while the stone was squeezed, rubbing, grinding and other multiple broken; when the movable jaw down, the elbow angle between plate and moving jaw smaller, movable jaw plate in the bar, leaving under the action of the spring fixed jaw plate, this time the stone had been broken under the discharge port from the crushing chamber, with the mobile jaw crusher motor for continuous rotation of the crushing and cutting periodicity to achieve batch stones. 
  Crusher is a stone broken in the second stage crusher, stone crusher of the absorption of foreign technology, the optimal design, can handle the size is not greater than 120-350mm, not more than 320 MPa crushing strength of granite, basalt, limestone and other stones. The crusher with crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, easy maintenance, with broken stones cube, flake pin is low, a senior highway, railway, water conservancy, airport and construction industries first choice for production of high quality stone 
  Impact crusher used to break stones. Work, driven by the motor rotor high-speed rotation, from the inlet into the stone hammer and hit the rotor on the board by board, high-speed impact hammer was broken; broken stone has been broken again counter to the liner; Finally, from the discharge port. Frame and the frame counter to adjust the gap between the rotor can be expected to change the stone size and stone shape out of the purpose.
  Hammer crusheris suitable for crushing all kinds of brittle materials, stones, broken stones were coal, salt, white and Asian, gypsum, alum, brick, Korea, and limestone. The stone is not more than 150 MP compressive strength, moisture not more than 15%. 
  Hammer crusher, the motor drives the rotor cavity in the broken high-speed rotation. Stones from the upper mouth to feed into the machine, by the high-speed movement of the hammer blow, impact, shear, abrasiveand grinding. The lower part of the rotor, with sieve plate, crushing material in less than sieve size fractions discharged through the sieve, sieve size larger than the coarse-level resistance to continue to remain in the sieve and grinding by the hammer blows, and finally through the sieve board discharged outside the machine. 
  Cone crusheris widely used in metallurgy industry, building materials industry, road construction industry, chemical industry in the silicate industry, suitable for crushing medium-and moderate hardness of various minerals and stones. The crusher has a crushing force, high efficiency, high capacity, low operating costs, easy adjustment and economic characteristics. As part selection in structural design is reasonable, so long life, broken product with uniform size, reducing the hydraulic pressure cavity clearing system, reducing downtime, and the specifications of the breakers to buy multi chamber, depending on the needs of the user a , choose a different cavity, in order to better meet user needs. Cone Crusher sealed with grease seal to prevent the water supply and drainage system easy to plug the shortcomings and deficiencies in water and oil mix easily. Spring type overload protection device insurance system will enable foreign body, used iron crushing chamber without damage to crusher. The machine is divided into standard and short head type, in general, standard feeding a large size, marker size is also coarse, short head cone crusher type steep, to the small particle size, is conducive to the production fine-grained level of the stone. Therefore, the general standard for crude and broken, the short head type is used in small and fragmented. 
  Cone crusher, the motor through the horizontal axis and a pair of bevel gear driven eccentric sleeve rotation, the axis line of cone crushing the movement in the eccentric sleeve rotation under the pendulum movement to do, so sometimes broken wall near the surface of mortar they sometimes leave the rolling wall surface, so that ore in the crusher cavity constantly being squeezed and bent were broken. 
  Above four kinds of broken stone crusher is the most common type of stone crusher, the crusher effect of its high efficiency and good cost performance to win the customer a good evaluation.